"Go alone, and you'll go fast. Go together, and you'll go far"

            After organising & running a beauty pageant (Miss Afro-Beauty) with the purpose of raising the aspirations, self belief and confidence of young black women who otherwise would be left to form part of another statistic. I  went on to attend the London College of Fashion, to study product design & innovation in the footwear industry. My time here taught me so much, University of the Arts, London, home to LCF had been a dream of mine and it finally came true. To be able to study at one of the world best institutions for Art, led me to grow tremendously, both personally and professionally.              

          This is the same energy, that led to the creation of muketeinc, coming together with Digital Artist, Dejidigital to begin what we aim to be a creative agency specialising in Art and narratives pertaining to the largely unexplored art forms within the African continent and its diaspora through history, primary and secondary research & development & visual art.   Matthew & Sultvn are accomplished and trained in their crafts, helping to further expand the vision in ways only a collective can do. 
          I believe that having a culture & heritage makes one unique and is essential to who we are. I created this to encourage and empower young women(and people) like myself to believe in themselves, take advantage of the opportunities presented to them and to develop themselves through the medium of creative design.  

 -  For commission enquiries, please write in a clear and nice manner. Provide neat references, not a wall of text. You must have an established budget before we work with you, unless otherwise specified.            

  Meet the rest of the squad below!
The Collective
Mukete,Inc. is made up of individuals from varying creative disciplines, coming together to form a network of efficient and effective visual storytellers & game changers
Ruth Mukete
Creative Direction
Content Creation/Photography
Modelling & Presenting

Digital Sculpture & 3D modelling,
 Art Direction
Writing/Concept creation
Matthew Odojukan
Graphic Design & Architecture
Professional Dancer 

Sound Engineering 
 Mixing & Mastering 
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