Where it all began... 
            As a child, in  Cameroon, West Africa I stayed with my grandparents as my parents were living & working overseas, up till the age of 10, when we reunited. I loved living with my grandparents not only, but mainly, because I could get away with being naughty and climbing trees and hurting myself almost all of the time. However, now i'm most thankful for the upbringing and core values they instilled in me (and that i made it alive!).  
        For me, living in Cameroon for the first decade of my life made all the difference. Even though I was fairly young I retained memories of the lives people lived and the struggles they had to go through to make ends meet. This has always been a humbling experience for me and gives me a different outlook on life. It taught me to appreciate and value what I have and taught me to make the most of the opportunities around me and those I am presented with.  
         This spirit led me to contesting for Miss Leicestershire 2013, which I was fortunate enough to win. Never in a million years did I think I was capable of even making it through to the semi-finals of the contest yet here I was crowned as Miss Leicestershire. The smiles and the tears of joy shared between my family and loved ones showed me how proud they were of me even though I had no self belief at the beginning of the contest. 
           Upon reflecting in hindsight, the whole event proved to me that regardless of what the hurdles may be and how many times you may doubt yourself, often the person who says they can and the person who says they can’t are usually both right. What I want to say here is the difference lies in the belief you have in yourself, knowingly and truly believing that you are powerful beyond measure makes all the difference.  It has always been my philosophy to give back by helping others realise the potential within themselves and playing a part in placing them on the path to success. I wouldn’t say I’ve been successful in abundance but I do realise that with the little I have I can make a dramatic difference even if it’s to one person, by leveraging the people I'm fortunate enough to have around me.                
        After organising & running a beauty pageant (Miss Afro-Beauty) with the purpose of raising the aspirations, self belief and confidence of young black women who otherwise would be left to form part of another statistic, yet at the same time sending a direct message to the status quo that not only black/BAME youth, but young people such as myself are cultured, appreciate education and are hardworking. After this, i went on to attend the London College of Fashion, to study product design & innovation in the footwear industry. My time here taught me so much, University of the Arts, London, home to LCF had been a dream of mine and it finally came true. To be able to study at one of the world best institutions for Art, led me to grow tremendously, both personally and professionally.  

           This is the same energy, that led to the creation of muketeinc, coming together with Digital Artist, Dejidigital to begin what we aim to be a creative agency specialising in Art and narratives pertaining to the largely unexplored art forms within the African continent and its diaspora through history, primary and secondary research & development & visual art. 

          Refusing to be just the ordinary; I believe everyone is made for a special purpose and we need to take steps everyday to accomplishing whatever these individual purposes may be.  I do sing from time to time, although that means mainly in the shower and I have a guilty pleasure for food! I love cooking and sometimes (all the time) eating it. If you want to catch me fall bring food, all manners and decorum will disappear! Feel free to drop me an email at

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